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The Jewish Family
Workshop IV

About JFW

The JFW prioritizes Jewish education, community cooperation, and respect for the time and budget of our member families.

A Well-Rounded Jewish Education

We represent varied religious backgrounds and training, but share a desire to provide our children with a meaningful Jewish education.

JFW provides one day of Jewish Education per week, covering both cultural and religious aspects of our faith, as well as basic Hebrew skills.

Classes are held Sundays, from 9:00AM to 11:30AM in Southborough at The Fay School located at 48 Main Street in Southborough.

Our experienced teachers are the JFW’s only paid employees. There are generally four to twelve students per class and the school year begins in early September, ending in May. See this year’s calendar (below) for details.

Books have been carefully selected to support our one-day-a-week model, and students also attend music lessons to learn traditional Jewish songs.

Children may begin Sunday school on a part-time basis in 1st grade. Starting in 2nd grade, Sunday school is full-time, meeting 26 times per school year, where the rudiments of the Hebrew language are taught. All students entering the JFW program in Grades 3 and up must have had previous Hebrew language education or arrange for tutoring with the approval their grade’s teacher.

If you are interested in specific openings, please contact the Membership Director with our Contact Form. 

Students reach Bar or Bat Mitzvah age in seventh grade. Based on family interest and commitment, a group Bar/Bat Mitzvah service may be held. Individual Bar/Bat Mitzvahs are also encouraged and can be arranged with Temple Beth Shalom or with private clergy and venues.

Holiday Celebrations and Family Participation

The Workshop functions through the active participation of all of its members, who take on roles which suit individual talents and interests. Our small size allows each member to influence the direction of the workshop and the educational process.

Among the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences in joining the Workshop is the celebration of Jewish holidays. These observances are designed for the entire family, and are planned by committees. The services for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are led by a lay cantor and rabbi, and are free and open to members of JFW, their friends and family and the public. Sukkot and Chanukah parties, the model Passover Seder and the Purim carnival are additional highlights of our year.

As we are a cooperative, members are required to serve on committees, chosen annually. Committee planning sessions and member meetings provide an opportunity for the Workshop community to share ideas and concerns and to establish friendships. Members are always invited to speak to teachers and observe classrooms. In addition, parents are asked to serve as hall monitors once or twice annually, remaining on-site and helping as needed.

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